5 Best Beaches in Marquette, Michigan

5 Best Beaches in Marquette, Michigan | Michigan Travel Club

Located on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Marquette is a beautiful and quaint city that is home to Northern Michigan University, and the famous Superior Dome. In the summer and early fall, Marquette offers world-class hiking, camping, mountain biking, and water access. Check out our list of the five best beaches in Marquette, Michigan.

  1. McCarty’s Cove
  2. Black Rocks
  3. South Beach
  4. Hidden Beach
  5. Little Presque Isle Beach

Marquette Beach Necessities

Summer in Marquette can range from mild (mid-60s) to hot (mid-90s) so be prepared for the weather. In general, Michigan Travel Club recommends a few key items for a beach day:

  • Sunscreen: Make sure to use a high quality SPF 15+ sunscreen before hitting the sand and reapply regularly; pay close attention to kids.
  • Life preservers: Lake Superior is notorious for its rip tides. Children should be supervised at all times when near water but it’s also a great idea to get younger children used to wearing a USCG-rated youth life preserver.
  • Insect repellent: There’s a joke about the mosquito being the Michigan state bird (don’t worry, it’s not), but the bottom line is that both mosquitos and black flies are common at certain times of the year, so toss some reliable sweat resistant insect repellent in your beach bag.

McCarty’s Cove

As one of the most popular beaches in the Upper Peninsula, McCarty’s Cove beach provides wide sandy beaches, an expansive Lake Superior horizon, and inspiring views of the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse. Located right within city limits in Marquette, Michigan, McCarty’s Cove beach offers great facilities and easy access to the Marquette bike path.

Black Rocks

Just north of downtown, Black Rocks is arguably one of the most unique beaches in Marquette, Michigan. Located within Presque Isle Park, Black Rocks is nestled between two narrow cliffs that rise sharply from rocky shore. Black Rocks beach is known for its cliff jumping and crystal clear Lake Superior water.

South Beach

South Beach is consistently recommended as the best family beach in Marquette, Michigan. Located just south of town, South Beach is wide and flat with nice shallow water that’s great for children. Plus, with ample parking, plenty of playground equipment, and dog friendly zones, South Beach is a great place to spend a hot summer day.

Hidden Beach

Located off the North Trail just outside of town, Hidden Beach is one of the most private beaches in Marquette, Michigan. Accessible all year, Hidden Beach is a beautiful alcove on the shores of Lake Superior that provides stunning views. Simply follow the trail down to the water and then head north along the shore, as you round each corner take in the beauty of Michigan’s solitude. As the shore terrain can vary, avoid staying out at Hidden Beach past dark.

Little Presque Isle Beach

North of town a few miles on Big Bay Road, Little Presque Isle beach is a quintessentially secluded Marquette beach. With broad sandy banks in either direction and a beautiful island feature jutting out from the point, solo beach goers will enjoy the peacefulness and families will enjoy the room to spread out. Note that wading out to Little Presque Isle is possible but should only be attempted by adults who are strong swimmers.

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